The Secret to Avoid Going Blank in Your Next Presentation

There is one fear around public speaking that worries people more than all others: going blank on stage. Use this technique so you never have to worry about it again


Standing in front of an audience with no memory of what you’re supposed to say is anxiety-inducing for even seasoned pros. The way to avoid this is to use a memory-recollection technique called the memory palace. In basic terms, it’s a form of memory enhancement that uses visualization to organise and recall information. It’s by […]

People Like Stories but they Love Funny Stories

Here is how to tell one

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“Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact.” — Robert McKee Many of us will have been to a comedy club and laughed hysterically at the comedian, but struggle to remember his/her name or what exactly was said. The same applies […]

23 Tips From Comedians to Be Funnier in Your Next Presentation

As they clock up the 10,000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell says make a master, comedians learn a lot the hard way. Here are their top tips so you don't have to.

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(Originally Published in Inc) Former biologist Tim Lee takes the stage at TEDx for the second time this year. Lee’s medium of choice: the all too often mind-numbingly boring PowerPoint presentation, but when he unleashes his deck, it’s anything but. Within seconds, the audience is in hysterics of laughter and clapping loudly to show its […]

Funny Business: Is Everybody Doing it?

Modern day speakers are expected to be entertainers. Every one of the current top ten most viewed TED talks moves the humor needle, and many of them considerably.

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As business, entertainment, and comedy become ever more intertwined, savvy startups, leading ad agencies, and Fortune 500 firms alike are turning to humor as the ultimate tool for being memorable amidst the ringtones and vibrations of modern life. It appears top business speakers are no different. If we apply a laughs per minute scoring system […]

How Long Should your Talk be?

There is a saying in standup comedy that "a tight five is better than a sloppy fifteen." Yet business presentations worldwide fail to abide by the same principle. Instead, there tends to be a lot of sloppy fifteens. Why?

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(Originally Published in Inc) For most business speakers the necessary stage time, structure, and conscious editing in order to make maximum impact just aren’t there–most people don’t have to speak often enough to get it. Conversely, the speakers who deliver their talk most, tend to be the best and most polished. They know where the […]

The Public Speaking Secrets of Comedians: A Q&A with Nick Morgan via Forbes

Nick Morgan is one of America's top communication theorists and coaches. The following is a Q and A I had the pleasure of conducting with him last week, that was subsequently published in Forbes.

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Dr. Nick Morgan is one of America’s top communication theorists and coaches. The following is a Q and A I had the pleasure of conducting with him last week, that was subsequently published in Forbes. Nick Morgan: I ran across David Nihill the other day when he sent me his book and begged me with […]