It’s Always 3

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“Why is it always three with you Irish?” my English friend Dave said (most days). Three makes a word sound the Irish accent battles to get its tonsils around and in doing so often gets a comment or a confused look. (If you want to hear an Irish accent in full effect ask an Irish […]

Fear of Public Speaking? Don’t sweat it!

  Public speaking is generally listed as one of people’s biggest fears.  For many it creates images of the heart beating faster, times when your hands were shaking, palms were sweating and you were uncontrollably nervous.  It was something I certainly had to face at the start. Public speaking was my biggest fear and every […]

Make sure you get an early laugh. Here is a wonderful example from Luis von Ahn:

An easy way to get laughs in your next presentation is to use funny images and video. Some great examples here by Amy Cuddy: